Noodle Nation Brand

Our brand is more than just a logo – It’s who we are and how we define ourselves – It’s about our interiors and the colours we use and most importantly, it’s about the way we speak and act.

In all our actions we wish to be:

FRIENDLY – We don’t over complicate things and like to be as honest and as clear as possible. We aim to treat both our customers and colleagues with respect.

FUN – It’s a fun place to work, full of people with energy and a passion for food and service. We love what we do and we want to share that passion with each other and our customers. We aim to be open to a wide range of customers who can enjoy our food in a relaxed informal way.

FRESH – Fresh is about our outlook; we are always open to new ideas. Fresh is about the quality of food we give to our customers. Fresh is about keeping our prices honest and involving our staff and customers in growing our business.

FAST – Many of our customer’s visit us for a ‘quick bite to eat’. Our service is friendly, quick and efficient without ever compromising our standards of food or service. We will endeavour to respond quickly to changes and issues in our business.

PROUD – We are proud of our achievements and we like to own our own sentences. ‘We’ and ‘Our’ are words we regularly use, as any achievement is part of a team effort. We aim to ‘add value’ to our customers visits and exceed their expectations at every opportunity.